I am an academic, passionate about new technologies who truly believes in the huge potential of digital creative contents used with purposes other than mere entertainment. Since 2005 I combine an academic career with a professional career in the fields of Game Studies and New Media Studies. At this moment I work as University Lecturer at the Deparment of Media and Communication at Erasmus University Rotterdam.


My expertise is particularly related to understanding how digital games and new media technologies can be used as media for communication and tools for engagement, motivation, and persuasion. I have international teaching experience (including teaching to multicultural groups) on these topics at Pre-BA, BA and MA levels.


My ambition is to be part of challenging projects in which digital games or new media technologies are used to add something new or different in a meaningful and creative way. 


Academic Profile

    • Strong analytical skills
    • Ability to translate research into practice
    • Capacity to establish new interdisciplinary links
    • Experience with qualitative and quantitative research methods
    • Experience applying for research funding
    • Experience leading research teams and organizing conferences

Teaching Profile

    • Student-oriented approach to teaching
    • Able to establish cross-links between research and teaching practice
    • Oriented to provide positive and constructive feedback
    • Experience using digital tools to increase engagement of students
    • International teaching experience
    • Experience teaching to multicultural groups of students
    • Good knowledge of the Dutch educational system
    • BKO Final Portfolio submitted to the Department of Media and Culture Studies (UU) by 15-06-2017

Personal Profile

    • Creative and pragmatic
    • Well-organized and structured
    • Able to multitask
    • I work well under pressure
    • Objective-driven
    • Cooperative team worker